Quality & Precision

Adding more to your vision, Sapphire Tuff endorses supreme quality products to your functionality. The products manufactured here stands for robustness, aesthetics, and endurance. Ensuring 100% transparency amongst the customers, we thrive on the company’s name ‘Sapphire Tuff’- Hard, Durable & Precise.


Sapphire Glass processing facility can produce
specialized jumbo size processed glass of
sizes upto 3000mm x 8000mm

The infrastructure . . .

The infrastructure of our facility is designed to handle 3000mm x 8000mm glass by overhead handling systems with minimum human intervention.

Also all our edge grinding machines are partnered from Sciatti Angelo & Bottero, Italy to deliver precise and sparkling edges.

An Overview . . .

Established in 2009 we are a rapidly growing enterprise based in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai spread over 1,00,000 square feet of covered facility. With state of the art advanced automation, machinery, service and quality that is unmatched within the industry. Whether you're looking for energy-efficient coated glass for your building exterior, noise reduction, structural and strength demands or stunningly beautiful decorative glass for an interior application we help you to achieve your vision.

We offer a wide variety of glass products including 4mm to 19mm Clear, Ultra Clear, Low-E, Laminated, Ceramic Fritted and much more to meet your ever-increasing needs.