Heat Soaked
Toughened Glass

What is Heat Soaked Glass?

All float glass contains some level of microscopic impurities. One type of such impurity is nickel sulfide (NiS) inclusion. Most NiS inclusions are stable and cause no problems but there is the potential that NiS inclusions could cause spontaneous breakage in fully tempered glass, which brings risks and replacement costs.

Heat soaking process involves placing fully tempered glass inside a chamber and raising the temperature to approximately 290°C to accelerate the nickel sulfide expansion. During this process glass containing nickel sulfide inclusions will break, thus reducing the risk of potential breakage in the field, the shattering proof process is used for high requirement projects.


Structural Balustrades, Railings, Overhead Glazing, Tempered glazing –if not Heat Strengthened or Annealed, Structural Glazing with Spider or other fittings, Commercial Exterior Frameless Glass Doors

Heat Soaked Glass- Maximum Size

Glass Thickness Minimum Size Maximum Size
4mm & 5mm 300mm x 400mm 2440mm x 3660mm
6mm & 12mm 300mm x 400mm 3000mm x 6100mm