Toughened /
Tempered Glass

What is fully tempered glass?

Ordinary float glass is heated to approximately 1,256⁰ F (680⁰C) in a tempering furnace and then automatically conveyed to a quenching chamber where it is rapidly cooled, this makes it more resistant to mechanical and thermal stresses and gives it the required fragmentation characteristics and produces glass which is 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary float glass. If broken, the whole panel of glass shatters into smaller pieces of blunt granules minimizing the risk of serious injury.


Toughened glass is used mostly in doors, side and frameless entries, low level balustrading, kitchen splashbacks, table tops, shower enclosures and where glass is subjected to high thermal stress.

Jumbo Glass - Maximum Size

Sapphire Glass processing facility can produce specialized jumbo size processed glass of sizes upto 3000mm x 8000mm.

Glass Thickness Minimum Size Maximum Size
4mm & 5mm 300mm x 400mm 2440mm x 3660mm
6mm & 19mm 300mm x 400mm 3000mm x 8000mm