What is Laminated Glass?

Add unsurpassed safety, security and performance to your glazing applications. A safety glass made by laminating two or more panels of glass with a flexible polymer interlayer (PVB – poly vinyl butyral or IONOMER). They are produced under a dust free, temperature controlled and clean environment. The glass and interlayer are bonded together by IR heating followed by de-airing through a nip roll press and finally going through an autoclave process to achieve the final product.

The biggest advantage of laminated glass is its safety, once any glass breaks, the interlayer will keep glass integrity and prevent injury.


Suited for overhead glazing such as windows directly above doorways, skylight, pool fence and multi storey buildings, where upon impact glass is unlikely to fall to the ground below. Also suited for doors, internal partitions, sidelites, lift wells, balustrading, laminated mirrors in walk through robe situations & wet areas.

Laminated Glass Size
Glass Thickness Minimum Size Maximum Size
4mm & 5mm 300mm x 400mm 2440mm x 3660mm
6mm to 19mm 300mm x 400mm 3000mm x 6100mm