Heat Strengthened

What is Heat Strengthened Glass?

Different from fully tempered / toughened glass, heat strengthened glass cooling process is much slower. Heat-strengthened glass has been subjected to a heating and cooling cycle and is generally twice as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. Heat-strengthened glass is typically specified when additional strength is needed to resist wind pressure, thermal stress or both, and the additional strength or safety break pattern of fully tempered glass is not required. Another advantage of heat-strengthened glass is that when broken, the glass fragments are more similar in size and shape to annealed glass fragments and thus tend to stay in the opening longer than fully tempered glass particles.

Features of heat strengthened glass

2 times strength high than
float glass.
Radial shards after breaking,
but can keep glass integrity
No spontaneous breakage.


Facades of towers, window glasses in commercial complexes, multi storey buildings and housing complexes.

Glass Thickness Minimum Size Maximum Size
4mm & 5mm 300mm x 400mm 2440mm x 3660mm
6mm & 12mm 300mm x 400mm 3000mm x 8000mm