Insulated Glass

What is Insulated Glass?

Insulated glass, also called IGU’s or double glazed units (DGU’s), it’s a hermetically sealed multi-glass combination consisting two or more panels separated by a aluminium spacer bonded together using a primary sealant, with the void filled with air or inert gas, and secondary sealant to finally seal the edge of the IG unit. IGU’s are a significantly more energy efficient glazing system than ordinary single glass. The combination of air gap between glass panels act as an additional barrier avoiding the transfer of heat by convection and conduction providing a better U value. The most important function of insulated glass is thermal performance, achieving lower energy consumption.

What is Insulated Laminated Glass?

The key function of insulating glass is thermal insulation. However, safety, impact resistance and sound control characteristics may be achieved by using a laminated glass on one or more panes of an insulating glass unit.


Suited for windows of commercial and residential buildings for solar and thermal control, reducing air conditioning and heating energy costs.


Improved Resistance to wind-loads
Eliminates condensation
Improved thermal insulation
Improved solar energy control
Desired Light Transmission

Insulating & Laminated Glass Size

Glass Thickness Minimum Size Maximum Size
4mm & 5mm 300mm x 400mm 2440mm x 3660mm
6mm to 19mm 300mm x 400mm 3000mm x 6100mm